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Brodney Pool Talks With SNY

Brodney Pool sat down to talk with SNY's Jeane Coakley recently, and here is what he had to say:

SNY: Your a very physical player, but it's also know that you've had concussions, how do you deal with that? And you are a health risk..

Pool: Na, you know. I keep hearing health risk, but, I'm really not. Before this year, I only really had one concussion. People think it's been concussions but it's not. I have a history of migraines, and it runs in the family....concussions and migraines, there kind of like hand in hand. Last year with the NFL coming down hard on concussions, I was unfortunate to come in at a time like, to have one at a time where there coming down on it. Other than the last 5 games I missed last year, which I could of played, but it was too late, I got put on IR, I only missed one game from one concussion, and that's my very first play ever.

SNY: Does it effect your play, do you ever think in the back of your mind......

Pool: No of course not. I'm not going out there timid, because that's when you get hurt. I'm gonna go out there with the mindset to play like I have been playing, and that's free and just going.

SNY: You played cornerback before, what do you think of the two cornerbacks the Jets have?

Pool: I know I won't have to play it here (laughs), so, I'm fine with that (laughs). It's a great group of guys, those two guys are great, we have other guys who are good too so, the whole secondary as a whole, I'm liking it.


You know I think this is one of the better signings we have made this off-season and it has gone under the radar far too much. So it was good to hear Brodney talk for the first time, you can follow the link to watch the interview, but that is the extent of the questions. Still hoping that one of the beat reporters can sit him down and really ask him some questions.