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Kellen Clemens Signs Tender

According to ProFootballTalk in an article that can be viewed (here), Kellen Clemens signed his tender Monday afternoon.

The one-year deal is worth approximately $1.1 million.

In my opinion, this is evidence that we are getting ready to move him. Similar to what I believe will happen with Jason Campbell  (who also signed his tender yesterday) in Washington.

As we found out with Leon Washington, players cannot be traded to another team until they sign their tender.

Just think it's likely that Clemens' days as a Jet are over. He never established himself, and he's not your traditional "back-up" because he doesn't have the experience and hasn't taken enough snaps.

Mark Brunell seems very excited at the possibility of becoming a Jet to back up Sanchize and that may come to fruition. Have not heard 34-year-old Marc Bulger's name mentioned, but if he has any gas left in the tank and is interested, he could be a possible candidate as well.