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Two Reasons Santonio Holmes > Brandon Marshall

The Santonio Holmes trade came out of the blue. Nobody was expecting it. If people thought the Jets were going to roll the dice on a high baggage receiver, Brandon Marshall was going to be the guy. Marshall may be the more talented of the two off field risks, but there are two very big reasons Holmes was a slam dunk move over Marshall.

1. The price was ridiculous. I know he's had a pair of arrests since entering the league. I know there's the rumored incident of throwing a glass at a woman. I know there's the substance abuse suspension. A fifth round pick for a 26 year old Super Bowl MVP coming off a 1,200 yard campaign is absurdly low. Marshall would have cost a first round pick in the deepest Draft in years.

2. Think about the contracts. Bringing a guy with off field baggage to New York is a major risk. Would you rather have a guy who would have banked major signing bonus money before taking a snap like Marshall or a guy with one year left trying to prove himself like Holmes? There's no question.

Marshall: better player

Holmes: by far better value