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Do the Jets Have the Best Three Receiver Set in Football?

Remember a year ago when wide receiver was a major question mark? Jerricho Cotchery was the only established receiver on the roster. Now the Jets have added a Pro Bowl gamebreaker and a Super Bowl MVP coming off a 1,200 yard season for a third round pick, a pair of fifth rounders, and a few backup players. Throw an incredibly athletic tight end in Dustin Keller in the mix, and the Jets will be one of the most difficult passing games for opposing defenses to match up with in the league. All of the pieces are in place for Mark Sanchez to have a breakout year. Considering the Playoff run he had, it may be a surprise if the Jets didn't morph into one of the league's most passing attacks.

The question I ask is whether the Jets have the best three receiver set in the league. You could argue the Colts. There's no doubt Reggie Wayne is great, but would Pierre Garcon or Austin Collie have had the seasons they had with another quarterback? New England has Randy Moss. Wes Welker's injured, though. Even if you count him, there's a big dropoff to number three. Arizona traded Anquan Boldin. They're out.

We could be about to witness something special. The team already sporting the league's best defense and run game has a trio of receivers 28 or younger. All of whom have a 1,100 yard season.