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Clowney Upset Over Trade

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Our buddies over at Jets Twit took a look at player reactions to the news that Santonio Holmes would be joining the Jets. All of them seemed to be in a positive light, apart from one, that one being David Clowney, who made a few comments shortly after the news broke. Jets Twit also took a look at these tweets, and broke down what it could all mean

Lord what am I doing wrong

Tweeted Clowney shortly after Holmes was acquired, he followed with other tweets that you can read on Jets Twit, but is anyone else a little frustrated with this reaction? If you remember this is not the first time Clowney has caused a little controversy on Twitter. He had previously complained about his playing time, and found himself inactive the next week.

Even if you are unhappy with having added competition (come on Clowney you are a competitive athlete), you certainly don't come out and tweet about it, and although Clowney didn't directly mention Holmes, it doesn't take a MIT grad to put 2 and 2 together. The truth of the matter is, Clowney really hasn't shown any noticeable improvement to the fan base, and his playing time would suggest he hasn't done a great deal to impress the coaching staff either.