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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #31

The team that eliminated the Jets is up next. We got an actual Colts fan to represent them. I'll hand it over to TheAngelsColts.

With the thirty-first pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, TheAngelsColts picks for the Indianapolis Colts...

Brian Price

Well the players we really wanted were taken right before us. I saw a great opportunity to grab Davis who was taken right before me so there was no chance of getting an OT. By taking Price who fits our scheme we have that person to insert into at least the role of Brock who departed in the Offseason. Price is someone who can fit into a role very similar to Brock's from day 1 and make an impact.

My reaction:

I'm not about to argue with a Colts fan making a pick for his team. This is an excellent pick. Indy always seems to have a hard time filling the inside of the defensive line. Price is an excellent fit. The Colts value speed and ability to penetrate over size. That is Price's game.

This is a perfect example of what we are talking about when we say this year's Draft is extremely deep. Price would never make it to 31 in most years. With Suh, McCoy, Williams, and Cody available at tackle, there's a chance it happens this season.

What do you think, GGN? Do you dare question a Colts fan picking for his team?