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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #30

Now that Brett Favre's 2008 team picked, his 2009 team is on the clock. Let's hope the Vikings, represented by OnceYoureAJet, don't pick Tim Tebow. ESPN might spontaneously combust if Favre and Tebow ever play on the same team.

With the thirtieth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, OnceYoureAJet picks for the Minnesota Vikings...

Devin McCourty

If one thing is clear from the Vikings' 2009 season, it's that they need to shore up their defensive backfield. While they finished 2nd in the league in run defense (87.1 yds/gm), their pass defense was a disappointing 19th (218.4 yds/gm). Although USC safety Taylor Mays is an attractive option, his draft stock has plummeted in recent weeks with scouts noting that as athletically gifted as he is, his technical skills as a ballhawk are alarmingly suspect. In addition, the other safeties on the board do not grade out as 1st rounders. So with Haden and Wilson gone, the Norsemen turn to Rutgers CB Devin McCourty to help them out. McCourty (5'11" 195lbs) isn't the most imposing of backs nor does he showcase his elite speed (4.41 40) on film, but he is impressive in coverage as long as he doesn't let his target get behind him. With good NFL coaching, he will improve on his skills and will succeed at the next level. In the short-term, he will most certainly compete with Antoine Winfield and oft-penalized Cedric Griffin for one of the starting CB spots and will certainly help the Minny defense continue to be in the top-10 defenses for the 2010 season.

My reaction:

This is an excellent fit. It balances value, need, and system. McCourty's weaknesses, namely lack of elite speed, can be hidden by zone coverage, which the Vikings play a lot. His excellent ball skills will make him an immediate contributor. I really like this pick.

Sound off, Gang Green Nation. Tell us what you think of the local kid going to the Vikes.