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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #20

The Jets crushed the Texans in Week 1. That win was the reason the Jets claimed a Wild Card, and Houston did not. The two teams will face each other again in the Meadowlands Thanksgiving night. NJHockey8 will try to improve Gary Kubiak's squad for the rematch.

With the twentieth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, NJHockey8 picks for the Houston Texans...

Dan Williams

Houston needs the most help on the defensive side of the ball, particularly at DT and CB.  With both Haden and Wilson off the board, the best value is Williams.  He is a potential top 10 pick with a big body that should command a double team freeing up Okeye to slide over to his more natural position.  While the loss of Dunta Robinson suggests taking a CB in the first round, one of the best ways to stop the passing game is a good defensive line.  With Payton and Colts on the schedule twice a year, pressuring the passer is the priority. Houston would be thrilled if Williams fell to them.

My thoughts: 

The Texans also seem to have a need at running back. Some may argue the explosive playmaker C.J. Spiller would be the pick here. Houston has a plenty explosive offense anyway. That would be a luxury pick. This is a need pick. Houston needs to improve up front. Williams will play the nose, allowing Amobi Okoye to try and split a gap and penetrate. He'll also make the run defense better. The Texans will be thrilled if Williams falls to them. Nobody will question them for picking a defensive lineman named Williams this time.

It's in your hands now. Give us your thoughts.

The Draft:

1. St. Louis (David Wyatt)-Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

2. Detroit (TheSanchize6)-Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

3. Tampa Bay (nrmax88)-Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State

4. Washington (eighthoursaway)-Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

5. Kansas City (michael28102)-Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

6. Seattle (arrowshockey16)-Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

7. Cleveland (chrebetsthebet)-Joe Haden, CB, Florida

8. Oakland (mousie)-Bruce Campbell, T, Maryland

9. Buffalo (MachlinT)-Bryan Bulaga, T, Iowa

10. Jacksonville (Leamg)-Jason Paul-Pierre, DE, South Florida

11. Denver (THetes)-Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

12. Miami (ThomasU)-Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas

13. San Francisco (Newcomb29(Edge))-Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma

14. Seattle (arrowshockey16)-Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State

15. New York Giants (Crackback)-Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

16. Tennessee Titans (JGrill77)-Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State

17. San Francisco (Newcomb29(Edge))-Brandon Graham, DE/OLB, Michigan

18. Pittsburgh (Bob_The_Friendly_Baker)-Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida

19. Atlanta (njdevil7)-Earl Thomas, S, Texas

20. Houston (NJHockey8)-Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee