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Feely's Locker? Not anymore

The Jay Feely situation has become even more bleak. The more updates we receive, the more unlikely it is that he will return as the Jets starting kicker next year.

Jane McManus, from ESPN New York, tweeted over the bad news earlier this morning:

One notable change: Jay Feely's locker has been turned over to Nick Folk. #jets

Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to say it, it looks very unlikely that Feely will be kicking for the Jets next year. Not normally one to question Mike T. and the gang, but this is one personnel move I've hated since the beginning.

Feely is a stud, he's as consistent as they come, and in the uncapped offseason, not sure why we had to mix things up (by bringing in Folk), and couldn't just pay the man the money he is worth.