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Jets To Host Marlin Jackson

So along with Pool, the Jets will also Host Marlin Jackson, a former Colts player who was also not tendered so is free to sigh with any team. According to Rich Cimini:

Ditto, Colts CB Marlin Jackson, who is heading our way for a visit. Jackson is a former first-round pick, but he finished the last two seasons on injured reserve because of serious knee injuries. He also has visited the Ravens and Eagles, who see Jackson as a free safety. It's very possible the Jets also will look at him as a safety, considering their Rhodes-less safety situation.

In typical Mike T fashion, no stone will be left unturned. I have already said that I'm a big fan of bringing in Pool even with the health concerns, 41 games in the last three years, I'm taking a whirl.

However Marlin Jackson is a different kettle of fish, a former Michigan stand out, he appeared in just four games last season and didn't start in any. Add that to only appearing and starting in 7 games in 2008 and he is a very serious health concern. He played one full season for the Colts and that was 2007, where he compiled 86 tackles, 4 pass defences and 1 interception. Jackson is coming off ACL surgery and recently visited with the Baltimore Ravens.

This is all down to how we can evaluate his injury problems, and whether the team think that it is a risk worth taking. Do you think it is? and if so, where do you see him? a FS or CB?

Jackson also has a visit with the Eagles planned for Wednesday.