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Jets To Meet With Brodney Pool

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Adam Schefter confirmed today that the Jets will meet with former 2nd round pick Brodney Pool on Wednesday:

A potential Rhodes replacement: Jets are scheduled Wednesday to visit with Cleveland free-agent S Brodney Pool, a former 2nd-round pick.

Pool a potential replacement for Kerry Rhodes recorded 11 pass defenses and 4 interceptions in 2009 while starting 10 games. Which give him an impressive total of 11 interceptions and 34 pass defenses as well as 275 tackles over a 5 year period in Cleveland.

The one problem I see is that Cleveland did not tender Pool and they did not cut him either, which means he hit the market as a UFA, and with restrictions, that could make it tricky to sign him, although there are ways around such problems.

From the NFL Director of communications:

“If an RFA is not tendered, he’s a free agent, but not a UFA. . . . So Final Eight teams can sign him.”

There we go, no restrictions on him at all

Pool has played both safety and cornerback in the NFL, and had his 2009 season cut short on December 2nd when he suffered a concussion.