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Jets Not Re-Signing T-Rich?

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Update- I'm sure these beat reporters were not on the same conference call today, they are all reporting contradicting intentions, from Manish:

GM Mike Tannenbaum admitted today it'll be a priority to re-sign FB Tony Richardson, who wants to play at least 1 more yr

According to Rod Boone of Newsday, after completing a conference call with Jets GM, Mike Tannanbaum, the team may be considering letting fullback Tony Richardson leave:

Tannenbaum also didn't sound like the #Jets will bring back veteran FB Tony Richardson. Says team likes practice squad FB Jason Davis.

If Tony Richardson wants to return, Mike T and the Jets would be stupid not to sign him. Nothing against Jason Davis, but T-Rich does a hell of a job, and having him paving the way for Shonn Greene is something that a lot of people were looking forward to. Davis an undrafted FB out of Illinois in 2006 has bounced around 3 teams and landed with the Jets practise squad in 2009. He seems to have potential, but unless Richardson has said he doesn't want to be back, I would be pretty annoyed if we chose to not bring him back.