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Scouting The Draft: Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford

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I know a lot of people have wanted me to get to Gerhart a little sooner, but never really imagined we would contemplate taking him, but with Jones gone, and Leon's status still a little uncertain, it's becoming a real possibility that we will look his way when it comes to the draft in April.

Gerhart has done nothing but produce since he was a kid, he had a record career at Norco high school in California, despite this most scout agencies only ranked him as a 3 star prospect, although during the recruitment process he did carry the name 'Touchdown Toby'. Names Mr Football for the state of California in 2005 he decided on Stanford thanks to the combination of academics and excellence in a two sport program (he is also a baseball player)

Gerhart has also heard what is being said about him, and feels that he is not getting the recognition that he deserves, not listed as a top 5 back in either Tod McShay's or Mel Kipers running back class, and not even listed as their value picks:

"They say I don't have top-end speed or the burst," Gerhart added. "They say I can't play running back at the next level. I don't think I'm getting the respect I deserve."

Little burst, not much speed, it's exactly what they both said about Greene last year, he has deceptive speed for sure, and now that he has been working out on a no carb diet, he has shed 10lb's since Stanford's last game.

He had to run the 40 in under 4.6 if he wanted to silence the critics, and prove that he does have what it takes to be a running back and not a fullback at the next level...he ran it in 4.53. Just as a comparison, Chris 'Beanie' Wells ran it in a 4.59.

40 Yard Time: 4.53

Bench Press: 22

Vertical: 38 inch

3 Cone Drill: 6.94

Broad Jump: 9"10

Career Stats

2006- 106 attempts, 375 yards, 3.5 average, 38 long, 0 TD. 15 receptions, 124 yards, 8.3 average, 16 long

2007- 12 attempts, 140 yards, 11.7 average, 48 long, 1 TD. (suffered a knee injury)

2008- 210 attempts, 1,136 yards, 5.4 average, 46 long, 15 TD's. 13 receptions, 114 yards, 8.8 average, 21 long

2009- 343 attempts, 1,871 yards, 5.5 average, 61 long, 28 TD's. 11 receptions, 157 yards, 14.3 average, 33 long

His achievements will have to go on the next page, as there are too many to list on the front:

Awards and honors

Pac 10 Records

  • Most rushing touchdowns in a season (28) in 2009
  • Most total touchdowns in a season (28) in 2009
  • Most points scored in a season (172) in 2009

Stanford career records

  • Most career touchdowns (44)
  • Most career rushing touchdowns (44)
  • Most career 100 yard rushing games (20)
  • Most career 200 yard rushing games (3) (tied)

Stanford single season records (2009)

  • Most rushing yards in a season (1,871)
  • Most rushing touchdowns in a season (28)
  • Most total touchdowns in a season (28)
  • Most points scored in a season (172)
  • Most yards from scrimmage in a season (2,028)
  • Most 100 yard rushing games in a season (11)
  • Most 200 yard rushing games in a season (3)
  • Most consecutive 100 yard rushing games (7)

Stanford single game records

  • Most rushing yards in a game (223)
  • Most rushing touchdowns in a game (4) (twice) (tied)

So what does Toby Gerhart Do well?

The guy knows how to get into the end zone, 28 total touchdowns in 2009 was just quite frankly amazing. He has a powerful lower body that can take contact and keep on churning. He has quicker feet than most give him credit for, and he in intelligent with his runs. Doesn't force anything when it isn't there, waits for the hole to open up and then bursts through it. Very good inside runner. Very rarely brought down by first contract, and will often get 3-4 extra yards after contact. Has more speed than given credit for and can get to the edge and make it difficult for the defense. Would work well in a zone blocking scheme that allows him to use his intelligence to be patient in his runs. Above average pass protector, has a big frame and loves contact, will take on anyone, and usually does a stand up job of keeping his QB on his feet. Can receive the ball out of the backfield, soft hands and secures the ball before attempting to turn up field. Two sports and academics at Stanford, you know his work ethic is among the elite, and seems like he would give 100% to improving.Can be used on certain route passes, and has a good stiff arm to swat away weak arm tackles.

What does Toby Gerhart Need To Work On?

Speed is not top edge, but as far as I'm concerned it doesn't need to be. Won't make too many players miss in the open field, and doesn't have the top end gear to run away from defensive backs. Had 5 fumbles in his senior season, and although he protects the ball on initial contact, he needs to do a better job securing it while fighting for extra yards.

Final Word

Gerhart is a great back, who is not getting half the recognition that his play warrants. He has deceptive speed, he is a bruiser, and he will give you 100% effort on every single snap. Good insider runner, I think the combination of Gerhart and Greene could do some serious damage for us. Only problem there is with his draft stock, do we need to spend our only 2nd round selection on a running back? If Leon does leave and we pick up another selection, I would like to add Gerhart and then pick up a real 3rd down change of pace back up later in the draft, if at all. His hard work will make him succeed in the NFL, he won't allow himself to fail.

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