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Kerry Rhodes Traded to Arizona

As per Adam Schefter, the Jets have traded Kerry Rhodes to the Cardinals.

Filed to ESPN: Arizona trades a fourth-round pick this year and a seventh next year for Jets S Kerry Rhodes.

Arizona figured to make a move at safety once it lost Antrel Rolle. And now they have Kerry Rhodes -- good move.

I hate this trade. I think it's Jonathan Vilma all over again. The Jets now have a gaping hole at the starting safety position. What are the odds either pick turns into a player as good as Kerry? What are the odds they both even make the team? The Jets have been so good at taking advantage of teams overvaluing picks, it's disappointing to see the team fall victim to the practice. After the way he came on at the end of the year, why not ride things out with Kerry? I get that he underachieved in 2009, but I think he's too talented to give away like this.

I guess Rex really didn't think he could work with Rhodes, but they got nothing close to equal value for a guy who is a Pro Bowl caliber player when he's playing his best. Maybe the team has something lined up to fill the safety spot. I sure hope so.