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Rex Discusses Cromartie

Rex released a statement about the trade.

"He’s got great man cover skills that are unusual. It’s rare to see a corner with his ball skills. He’s a difference maker. There’s an old saying when you evaluate corners - ‘Can they find it? Can they catch it?’ - and he can do all that.

"He’s got long arms where he can press you at the line of scrimmage. He’ll fit perfectly into our system. Now, we don’t necessarily have to always put Revis on the toughest guy. We can switch it up. This pair gives us even more options on defense. We should be able to disguise what we’re doing a little better than we’ve done in the past.

"He’s going to be a huge, huge addition for us because what he’s going to bring to the table from a physical standpoint is going to be tremendous. He’s got some unbelievable gifts and we’re just fortunate to have him on our team. When you combine him with the players that we already have, we’re going to be really tough on defense."

The one thing that stuck out was his comment about putting Cromartie on the other team's best receiver sometimes. Can't say I'm crazy about that idea. I loved the fact Revis stuck with the other team's top guy almost exclusively last year. It's what made his so valuable. Cromartie isn't as good of a cover guy. Why change from what worked? Stick the best corner on the best receiver all the time.