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Is There Any Reason for TJ to Return?

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I have a question that has been on my mind. Is there any real chance of Thomas Jones coming back to the Jets? I've heard a few reports saying the Jets are interested in bringing him back, but the whole idea seems kind of far fetched to me.

What kind of contract are they going to give him? It doesn't seem like they really want to pay. They didn't redo his deal last year when he asked them, and they cut him rather than pay the roster bonus. If the Jets were serious about keeping him, wouldn't they have restructured to avoid that roster bonus? Now they're going to give him a new contract with a signing bonus?

The other question is what's in it for Thomas. Would he want to come back to the Jets? It's pretty clear he'd be the third back here. Even at his age, a back coming off consecutive 1,400 yard seasons can expect to get offers of more playing time elsewhere with some good teams.

I can't really blame the Jets either. Jones was a great guy on and off the field, but running back is an easy position to fill on the cheap. This team can find a younger and potentially more effective runner for less of a price. Don't get me wrong. I'd be thrilled to see him back, but I don't see it happening.