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Kerry Rhodes Will Be Back "Unless Something Changes"

Mike Tannenbaum indicated Kerry Rhodes will likely be wearing green and white in 2010 but didn't totally commit.

Tannenbaum said S Kerry Rhodes will receive his $2 million roster bonus on Friday and be on the team next season "unless something changes," Tannenbaum said.

That's kind of a cryptic remark. On the one hand, if the Jets were going to trade Rhodes, they might have done so before that bonus kicked in. On the other hand, biting the bullet and getting the bonus off the table might make him easier to trade. My guess (and it's purely a guess) is the Jets have no intention of trading Rhodes, but Tannenbaum is open to it if he gets blown away. He probably just wants to leave himself some wiggle room.

The more I think about it, the more encouraged I am by the way Kerry ended his season. I want him back unless the team can deal him for an impact player.