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Why Braylon Edwards IS The Right Man for the New York Jets

Before you judge Braylon Edwards, and berate him for his dropped passes -- hear me out.

The Jets fan-base and media alike have been buzzing about Edwards and his future with the Jets.  Since he was tendered earlier this week and receivers Anquan Boldin (who has now found a home in Baltimore) and Brandon Marshall were placed on the trading block, talks have been heating up about Edwards. Many Jets fans feel that he is not consistent enough, and that Brandon Marshall is the best candidate for the job. I will tell you why he's not.

Guys can say what they want about his attitude, but I see a new, focused Edwards emerging. Can you blame the guy for not wanting to play for Eric Mangini in Forbe's #1-ranked place featured in their "Most Miserable Cities" report?

There are a lot of intangibles and little things that Edwards does which go unnoticed. I truly believe he is going to have a breakout season next year, and am very happy that he will, indeed, be our WR1 in 2010 (pending an impulsive, shocking move).

What I like about No. 17:

  • A great jump-ball receiver- At 6'3", he is Sanchez's tallest target (sans the 6'4" Hartsock who caught only one ball last year). His excellent vertical leap, great body control in the air, and large hands all add up to why he can go up and snag ANY ball.
  • He stretches defenses with his vertical routes. When he is in man-coverage, he is as tough to cover as any WR1 in the NFL. As a result, he forces teams into playing a safety over the top or some sort of zone coverage to respect the deep threat he provides. 

    This does so many things to open it up for Schotty's offense, and is very unappreciated. It stretches defenses, keeping them honest. This not only opens it up for the run-game, but also the underneath stuff to Cotchery and Keller over the middle.
  • He is the total package - Good height, bulk, and physical strength. He's a great route runner, and his explosiveness allows him to get separation and blow by CB's
    BTW, not only does he LOVE to play physical, he is also a solid blocker (when he can get his feet  set properly).
  • Great runner after the catch - His speed and large frame makes him dangerous, as he is very tough to bring down in the open field after he turns on the jets.
    **Braylon averaged 4.5 YAC last season as a Jet. This beat out the likes of WR's Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, and Chad Ocho Cinco [and actually TIED Boldin who also averaged 4.5]

  • And then there's the one big drawback ...
    Dropped passes. Edwards sometimes lacks the focus and eye-hand coordination to catch balls on a consistent basis. Some will say it's his hands; I believe it's his coordination (which many said was also the problem for Terrell Owens)  A couple of balls have actually hit him in the face, which proves it's his coordination-related

Why Brandon Marshall is NOT the Guy:

  • Teams cannot afford to have two WR1s- This sounds simple, but it's the truth. Once the Jets front-office tendered Braylon at the highest level, it was obvious they planned to keep him around. And as nice as it would be to have two vertical threats, it just doesn't fit the Jets offensive schemes.

    Both of the two are emotional players, and they want the ball more often than not. Having them both around would just cause them to bump heads with eachother. The result would be plenty of drama in the Jets locker room, something we certainly don't need. 
  • He dropped MORE balls than Edwards did! - Marshall dropped seven balls last season.
  • He's going to want a long-term deal - I saw various Tweets discussing the possibility of bringing him in for a one or two-year deal. That is far-fetched and won't happen. Coming into his fifth season having established himself as a solid WR1, with his ego, he's going to want a five year deal (at the minimum) with a hefty price tag and guaranteed money.

    So please, drop the "let's take a chance on him" talk. There is no "taking a chance" on Brandon Marshall. It would be a ride-or-die move.

Something you may not know: When Braylon was drafted, he was actually rated 99 out of 100 by ESPN's group of scouts.The talent and skill-set is there. He's going to work on his eye-hand coordination in the offseason, stay focused, and we will sit back and watch Braylon have a career year in 2010-11. Remember, he has not even played a full season with the Jets yet! He will now go through OTAs/training camp and further improve upon the chemistry with Sanchez.

So Gang Green Nation, I ask you to be open, and trust Mike T here --- because Braylon is the right man for the job!