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Pennington Returns to Miami

Turn your backup quarterback focus elsewhere.

The two sides have reached an agreement in which Pennington will receive a one-year contract for $2.5 million but allow for another $1.515 million if he is traded, according to sources. A team interested in Pennington confirmed that it was informed of Pennington's renewed commitment to the the Dolphins.

Pennington had requested a no-trade clause that was rejected by the Dolphins. If he's traded, he'll make $4.15 million in 2010 but his primary goal is to strengthen is surgically repaired shoulder throughout the year, mentor the team's young quarterbacks and provide insurance at the position if he's needed to play, a team source said.

This was to be expected. He loves it there and probably didn't want to move his family. Chad Henne keeps a great mentor, and Miami has a great insurance policy.