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Cromartie Talks On Being A Jet

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Our newest Jet Antonio Cromartie talked with Jets beat writers today, and Dave Hutchinson gives us the low down on what was said:

On the trade: "It's a fresh start. Coming from San Diego I believe a change of scenery will help me."

On his dropoff in play the past two seasons: "In 2007 (when he had an NFL-high 10 INTs), I played a lot more man-to-man and bump-and-run. In 2008, I was injured. Last year, early on in the season I had a pretty good year. But I played a lot of off-coverage (which he didn't like). I just do what the coaches ask me to do.''

On his infamous missed tackle on Jets RB Shonn Greene's 53-yard TD in the playoffs: "It's something I should've made the play on. I was there to make a tackle for a three- or four-yard gain and it didn't happen. It (tackling) is something I have to work on.''

My main concern with Cromartie is his tackling, his off the field issues are a little worrying but his tackling concerns me more than anything, so it's good to see him hold his hands up and say 'I screwed up there, I need to get better'. That's a positive. He was also on the Michael Kay show earlier, he sounded genuinely excited about the prospect of playing in a man-to-man system. Lining up with Revis, and playing in a 'fun' Rex Ryan defence.

He also said that there were issues in San Diego, but he didn't think his team mates were tired of him or anything like that. Also that he believes the Jets have what it takes to win the Superbowl this year, and that he is happy to play this season with one year left on his contract.

Mainly he was just excited to be in New York, excited to be a Jet, and I think the majority of us are excited to have him.