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Coles May Want to Come Home

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Laveranues Coles reportedly is interested in being a Jet again.

Laveranues Coles, released by the Bengals yesterday, said he plans to contact the Jets to see if they want him to return.

"They’ll be the first team we call to see if they’re interested," Coles said.

Brad Smith has virtues as a player, but he's not a very good option out of the slot. I'd definitely be interested in Coles. I would, however, lay out some conditions if I was the Jets.

1. The contract will be inexpensive. After the year Coles just had, he can't expect too much.

2. He needs to realize he will not be a starter. He will work primarily out of the slot.

3. He needs to realize playing time will not be guaranteed. If the Jets draft somebody like Jordan Shipley or Golden Tate, they will compete with him for the job.

I'd like this move. Coles already knows the playbook. Free agency is all about building flexibility for the Draft. If Gang Green signs LC back, the team can still take a Shipley or a Tate if the opportunity presents itself. The team just won't have the same kind of pressure to reach for a receiver.