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Chris Baker: Pursue or No?

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The Patriots released former Jets tight end Chris Baker after a year in Foxborough. Baker spent the first seven years of his career with the Jets. Contract issues led to Baker's departure from New York. Now he may be willing to take an affordable deal.

His numbers were down in 2009 as a spare part in New England's passing game. Chris had just 14 receptions for 143 yards, well down from his career highs of 41 and 409 in 2007.

I think the Jets should jump all over him. Yes, there was a bit of acrimony in the past, but it apparently wasn't poisonous.

I just spoke with someone close to Baker and he said that although Baker took a few shots at the organization during an ugly contract stalemate, no bridges were set ablaze and Baker wouldn't be adverse to returning to the Jets.

Gang Green had a heck of a time replacing him a year ago. Remember all of the blocking tight ends the team signed and went through in the camp and preseason before signing Ben Hartsock, who is a lesser player. Baker is an excellent blocker and at least keeps a defense honest as a receiving threat, while Hartsock is essentially a third tackle. He blocks but adds nothing to the passing game. In addition, if the Jets let Hartsock walk as an unrestricted free agent after signing Baker, they can sign another free agent to fill another need at a different position.

I vote pursue.

How do you vote?