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Elvis Dumervil: Pursue or No?

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No Bronco benefited more from Denver's move to a 3-4 base defense than Dumervil. The 26 year old's production blew up converting from a defensive end to a stand up rush linebacker. The 26 year old had 17 sacks. At 248 pounds, he didn't hold up terribly well against the run but used his good athleticism to play well in coverage. As he gets more experience in a 3-4, he should only get better on that front.

Dumervil got the highest possible tender from Denver for a restricted free agent for first and third round picks. Again, the Jets will have to acquire a third round pick to make it happen, most likely by trading out of the second round. We're talking about not picking in the first three rounds in that case. That would be painful in this Draft. We're also talking about a monster contract, probably in Jared Allen range.

I think Dumervil is one of the few guys worth it. He's only 26 and is a legitimate game changer. I'd love to see what Rex could do with a physical ability like this if he got his hands on it. We'd see Dumervil all over the place. Defenses always have to account for a guy like him. It's not like he was completely a one year wonder either. He had 21 combined sacks in 2006 and 2007 playing end. He's a hybrid capable of generating pressure anywhere on the field. Watch the secondary get better with Dumervil consistently forcing bad and early throws.

Some may disagree. Some may say it's too costly. I vote pursue.

How do you vote?