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Laveranues Coles: Pursue or No?

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The two time former Jet is back on the market. Cincinnati cut Coles after one disappointing year in the Queen City. The Jets are looking for a slot receiver. Should they bring back LC for a third tour of duty?

What are the good points? For starters, Coles knows the offense. He played under Brian Schottenheimer for 3 years. He runs good routes. He has good hands. While he doesn't have the speed he once did, he's quick enough to play in the slot. Coming off a disappointing year, he could come cheaply. We all know how close he is with Chad Pennington. Maybe the Jets could use him in a longshot bid to recruit Chad to back up Mark Sanchez.

What are the bad points? His production has fallen off over the past few years. 43 catches for 514 yards didn't get it done with the Bengals. He's always been something of a malcontent, albeit not a destructive one.

I think this is a case of the distinction between a guy in decline having nothing left and having the ability to contribute in a reduced role. I tend to feel Coles is the second. I wouldn't feel comfortable with his starting. Considering the year he had with the Bengals, it looks like the Jets knew what they were doing releasing him a year ago. I'll take those numbers from my slot receiver.

I may be biased because Coles was always a favorite of mine, but I vote pursue.

How do you vote?