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Antrel Rolle: Pursue or No?

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Arizona has released Pro Bowl safety Antrel Rolle. Rolle was due a $4 million roster bonus and a 2010 salary of $8 million. That was too rich for the blood of the Cardinals. He was drafted as a cornerback and played a bit of a hybrid role. Sounds like the versatile kind of guy Rex Ryan would love, right?

Rolle has really developed into a top notch safety. His Pro Bowl status was merited. He has very good cover skills and range. He is very good against the run. Rolle is a playmaker with a nose for the ball. He's got good ball skills and is a solid blitzer. He's going to command top dollar.

That's the issue for me. The Jets have a pair of very good safeties in Kerry Rhodes and Jim Leonhard. Rolle is rumored to be seeking around $8 million per year. Given how many teams are looking for a safety, he'll probably end up with a contract close to that. I know Kerry had a disappointing year, but that's a relative term. He wasn't terrible. He just didn't play up to his potential. I don't see much wisdom in dumping him to give Rolle a monster deal. Even if the Jets somehow swing a trade of Rhodes for Anquan Boldin, they'll have to give Boldin a big contract. Do they really want to give another to Rolle? There would be more economical options through the Draft.

I vote do not pursue.

How do you vote?