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Free Agent/Tender/Trade Options: A Collection

Right now Jets topics are buzzing, everyone has their own unique idea on how the Jets should manage the current roster, who should be brought in, who should be let go. Well we are hours away from the madhouse that is free agency getting under way. So perhaps it's time we collected all these people that we could be looking at.

Right here are the ones that I have hard about, if you have heard of any more then just post them up in the comments section and we will get to them:

1) Starting with the popular Antrel Rolle

This only makes sense if we plan to move Kerry Rhodes, and I just don't see that happening. The reason Arizona released Rolle is because he was due for a $4 million roster bonus to go on top of his $8.1 million salary next season. A lot of teams are interested, the Bears reportedly are going to go in big. The Cardinals are going to go back in, and rumour is he wants to return to Arizona. Although I wouldn't mind him, I just don't see it happening.

2) Kerry Rhodes for Anquan Boldin or a 3rd round pick

This could tie in with the Rolle incident. Arizona would only want Kerry if they don't get Rolle back. However that means that they are going to try and get him back, and if they don't achieve that, it means he has signed with another team. Could that be the Jets, I'm not sure we are willing to give up the $7-8 mill he is looking for and then hope Arizona are still interested in Kerry.. I personally don't want to trade Rhodes, he had a down year by everyone's standards, but he has shown he can perform. I want to give him another year in this system. I know that's not the popular choice, but I think it's the best one for the Jets right now.

3) 2nd round offer for Richard Marshall

Carolina have tendered Richard Marshall with a 2nd round choice. Now if we are looking at spending one of our first two picks on a corner, we have to seriously consider Richard Marshall. He likes to hit, he is a physical guy and he makes plays on the ball. I'm not sure what kind of money he is looking for, but I would file this one under consider it.

4) Trade For Cromartie

I think everyone knows my feeling on this, and one word sums it up. Pass. He was give every chance this year, he didn't perform, fans were screaming for his benching half way through the season. He ducks out of contact a little too much. Jets fans were getting on Kerry for this, well Cromartie would drive you just as crazy and we would have to give up value to get him. Among all these trades, this is the one I dislike the most. His countless maternity cases might become a distraction, especially if he forgets to pay maintenance like he did this year.

5) Brandon Marshall

I think Matt is covering this tonight, so won't say much, other than pass. Braylon isn't going anywhere with the 1st and 3rd on him, so it's pointless talking about Brandon Marshall.

6) Marlin Jackson

Released by the Colts, some seem to think this is a good move, potentially to replace Strickland I can see it, doesn't sort out our #2 cornerback spot though. Think he has started 7 games over the last two years.

7) Phillip Buchanon

It's hard to analyse a single player when they play on such a bad team. He was released by the Lions, worth taking a look at at least?

8) Laveranues Coles

Released by the  Bengals, and yes fans have been talking about him. We went there once, we revisited for a second go, third time the charm?

9) Chris Baker

Former Jet, he has to go in here. Pariots released him

10) Jamal Williams

Released by the Chargers, a NT, only started one game in 2009 and will be turning 34 next month.

I think that's all I can manage right now, anyone else have people that we could should be looking at when the new year starts. Lots of options, plenty of variety. I just hope Mike T doesn't trade for Cromartie.