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Jets Flight Connections 03-04-10

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We are starting to see how the "Final 8" rule is affecting the Jets.

RB Leon Washington has been placed with a 2nd round tender.

Rich Cimini agrees with the decision.

Leon's agent says there's a 50% chance for his return. Washington might get jettisoned. asks what we can expect from Little Leon.

TE Dustin Keller is in the restaurant business.

Jets Confidential tells us how QB Mark Sanchez is preparing for next year's opponents.

The incredible Mike Florio reiterates what beat writers have been saying all along: the team will re-sign RB Thomas Jones if they can do so for less money.


More connections after the jump. looks at the cornerbacks after the combine. shows the top wideouts from the combine. shows the top tight ends from the combine.

This mock draft has the Jets picking RB Ryan Matthews.

New York Newsday lists five players the Jets might want.

The Bergen Record: The Jets could search the free agent pool for pass rush help.

Newark Star-Ledger: The Jets are likely to be quiet in free agency this time around.

New York Times: NFL free agency this year brings caution and concern.

AFC East Blog has a free-agency primer.

AFC East Blog looks at OL Brad Butler's decision to retire.

USA Today: Free agency with no salary cap awaits ambitious NFL owners.

USA Today: NFL free agents prepare to sail on uncharted waters.

Associated Press: NFL players get crash course in money matters.

Here's a nice video tribute to Jets great Al Toon: