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PFT- Jets Will Try And Bring Thomas Jones Back

I know a lot of people here are not big fans of PFT, and personally I'm not either, I always take what they say with a pinch of salt, but this makes sense. At least to me it does anyway.

On Friday, the New York Jets will cut running back Thomas Jones, in order to avoid paying him a $2.8 million roster bonus.

But then the Jets will try to re-sign him, a league source tells us.

The team's ongoing interest in Jones makes sense, given the decision to apply only a second-round tender to Leon Washington.  Surely, they won't be going from a multi-player rushing game to Shonn Greene and a rookie; so if Leon leaves they'll need another veteran.

Now some fans liked letting Thomas go, others didn't. However if Mike were to bring him back for a reasonable price, would anyone object? I'm not sure how likely this is, I'm sure some team will offer him a good deal, but if we can bring him back for a sum less than $5.8 million. Then Mike T has done another good job evaluating worth on the open market.

Do I think this is going to happen? Not really. However I was hoping that we would at least leave talks open, let their agent do some sniffing on the open market, and then when they realise the increase they can get from another team is minimal, they will agree to return to the Jets. Players were not happy, and understandably so. If TJ is back next year however, it will be a good step for an off-season that so far IMO has seen us take 2-3 steps back.