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"TJB Exclusive" on Jets Antics Regarding Leon

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The Jets Blog have recently posted an article regarding Leon's situation, which seems to reveal some rather interesting circumstances, it's an interesting read, so head over to read the full article:

Citing a "Source", apparently the reported offer the Jets presented Leon with last season was nowhere near the $5 million per year reported in the Daily News:

Instead, the source contends that ""the Jets … offered $2.4 million. Leon is worth way more than that." In addition to the $2.4 million offer by the Jets there was no bonus or guarantees that kicked in until at least next year.

Brian Bassett presents his view on all of this, and if this source is reliable, and as Brian published this, then I have little reason to believe the source is not reliable , it really does open up a new chapter on the Jets management of players and the press. Manipulating facts/details and  stories to carry favor with the fans.

It does seem a strange time for this source to come forward, one year on from the initial reports/offers, but with Leon losing favor with the fans quickly, I guess that can be understood.

What do you think to all of this? I should say that Bassett reached out to the Jets for a comment, and so far none has been made. It will be interesting to see if they do comment, and if so what they say.