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Lucky No. 29?

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ESPN.Com's AFC East Blogger Tim Graham published an article today about the current draft order of AFC East squads, and how their pick has measured up historically.

In talking about the Jets, he recounts how number 29, in recent years, has drawn in some very solid talent. As we know, in 2006, the Jets drafted All-Pro stud Center Nick Mangold with the 29th pick. Last year, the Giants had that pick, and drafted WR Hakeem Nicks. Two players that have very bright futures ahead of them.

The rest of the 29th overall draft picks over the last five years? A decent group. San Fran's DT Kentwan Balmer, Raven's G Ben Grubbs, and Colt's DB Marlin Jackson.

The article can be viewed (here)

Will the Jets follow the trend?.