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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #18

For the second time in four years, the Steelers followed up a championship season by missing the Playoffs. Bob_The_Friendly_Baker will try to make a pick that will help them return to the promised land.

With the eighteenth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, Bob_The_Friendly_Baker picks for the Pittsburgh Steelers...

Maurkice Pouncey

The Steelers need some serious Offensive line help. Especially considering Ben Roethlisberger isn't exactly known for getting rid of the ball quickly. Pouncey is someone who could anchor there line for years. At 6-5 304 lbs he's a big guy who's versatile enough to play guard and center. He did have shoulder surgery last May 2009 so durability may be a concern He is an exceptional blocker who can take nose tackles on his own. Gets a good push in the run and can help in short yardage situations. Pouncey is a hard worker who could really help the Steelers out.

My reaction:

It's about darned time the Steelers focus on their offensive line. They've neglected it for years, partially because they have been able to win without a top notch unit. Pouncey has the potential to be a top notch center for years. He's a power blocker, perfect for the Steelers' style. This is the first step for the Steelers to rebuild their run game. Some may question taking a center this high. Jets fans should know better. Great teams are built on great offensive lines. Finding one of five quality players in the first round is a good move, particularly one representing as big of an upgrade as Pouncey does. Nick Mangold in the first round worked out pretty well.

Good pick? You're the judge.