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Jets Work Out Toby Gerhart

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The Jets took a look at Stanford power back Tony Gerhart today. 

The Jets dispatched RB coach Anthony Lynn to Stanford for a private workout with RB Toby Gerhart, according to the National Football Post.

Gerhart was one of the biggest names in college football last season, winning the Doak Walker Award and finishing as a Heisman Trophy finalist. At 6-1, 235, Gerhart has fullback size, although he wants to remain a running back.

The Jets need to take a long-term view of their fullback position. Incumbent Tony Richardson, 38, re-signed for one year after another solid season, but this almost certainly will be his final season. The Jets don't use the fullback a ton (Richardson played in about 50% of the offensive snaps last season), but it would be a good idea to start planning for the future.

I see Gerhart as sort of a Mike Alstott hybrid fullback-halfback. I know a lot of people are high on him, but I'm not sure how excited I'd be if the Jets grabbed him early. He's a pure power back. His timed speed isn't bad, but I haven't really seen an explosive second gear when I've watched him. He's not much of a receiver either. Gerhart isn't much of an impact player considering how early he'll go.