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Braylon Gets First and Third Tender

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The Jets have extended a contract tender to WR Braylon Edwards at the first- and third-round level, NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora has confirmed. The move, which was expected, means that Edwards is expected to make more than $5 million this season, which is 110 percent of his $4.55 salary from 2009.

Well I think that guarantees Braylon will be a Jets next year. I don't see any team giving up a pair of early picks in this Draft and a contract the Jets won't match for a guy with that kind of baggage both on the field and in terms of drops. Not to mention it's been 2 years since he put up big numbers.

I'm down with this. The Jets can either work out a reasonable deal or have him sign the tender and play out a contract year. The raw talent is high, and I think he could be in for a big year with Mark Sanchez maturing. If some other team steps up, I'd probably let him walk. Yes, it would create a hole, but this year's Draft is very deep. It would be trading one quality player for two.