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Jets Flight Connections 03-29-10


LB Calvin Pace talks about training.  He mentions that the shutdown corners Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie will help the rushers get to the quarterback.

DE Mike DeVito talks about his improvements under HC Rex Ryan.

Here is the link to RB prospect Conte Cuttino's website.

If you missed this link yesterday, Greg Bishop of the New York Times wrote a great article about Jets owner Woody Johnson.  Rex is quoted as saying that the owner was a huge influence in why he wanted to coach in New York.

And the Fifth Down blog has an additional Q&A with him.


More connections after the jump.


DT Dan Williams, who has met with Rex, will be meeting with Denver today.

Peter King writes about former Jets scout Trent Baalke. looks back at last year's Jets draft.

Rich Cimini lists some players he thinks the Jets may draft.

Check out which player thinks the Jets will pick.

Miami HC Tony Sparano needs his starters to step up.

New England may be very interested in drafting USC players.

WR Randy Moss has been into swimming lately.  He may be taking this Revis Island thing too literally.

Shutdown Corner blogs about the relationship of Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady.  (I couldn't provide the link to their source, as the Denver paper is subscription only).

Check out what's going on with former Jet Michel Faulkner and his campaign.

Battle Red Blog looks back on the Texans' first draft, and all the players they took from us.  Yes, I'm still not over that.


Lastly, keep up with GGN's community mock draft:

Pick #1, David_Wyatt for St. Louis picks Ndamukong Suh

Pick #2TheSanchize6 for Detroit picks Gerald McCoy

Pick #3, nrmax88 for Tampa Bay picks Russell Okung

Pick #4, eighthoursaway for Washington picks Sam Bradford

Pick #5michael28102 for Kansas City picks Eric Berry

Pick #6, arrowshockey16 for Seattle picks Jimmy Clausen

Pick #7chrebetsthebet for Cleveland picks Joe Haden

Pick #8
, mousie for Oakland picks Bruce Campbell

Pick #9, MachlinT for Buffalo picks Bryan Bulaga

Pick #10,  Leamg for Jacksonville picks Jason Pierre-Paul

Pick #11, THetes for Denver picks Rolando McClain

Pick #12, ThomasU for Miami picks Sergio Kindle

Pick #13, Newcomb29(Edge) for San Francisco picks Trent Williams

Pick #14, arrowshockey16 for Seattle picks Dez Bryant

Pick #15, Crackback for the Giants picks Derrick Morgan

Agree or disagree, and please explain your position.