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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #14

The Seahawks made a surprising choice by taking Jimmy Clausen earlier. Now arrowshockey16 is up again with a pick Seattle got from Denver a year ago.

With the fourteenth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, arrowshockey16 picks for the Seattle Seahawks...

Dez Bryant

Seattle is in need of an impact wide receiver to the point where they were considering bringing in the troublesome Brandon Marshall. That is why Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant would be a logical fit if the Seahawks are lucky enough to have him fall this far. Bryant only played in three games as a junior before being suspended for a minor violation of NCAA rules, which has seemingly led some to forget what a great player he is. Despite the layoff, pro scouts still consider Bryant to be one of the premier talents in this draft. Checking in at a solid 6-2 and 225 pounds, Bryant may not have elite speed but he is very elusive, a great leaper with terrific ball skills, and catches everything in sight. Bryant has the potential to be a true #1 target at the next level, and many feel he is just as good of a prospect as Michael Crabtree was coming out of college if not better. Any quarterback would love to have a strong, physical receiver like Bryant who can also make plays after the catch. Seattle gets their future stud wide receiver here.

My reaction:

Even though the Seahawks have now used two top fifteen picks without addressing any of their most pressing needs, I can't really argue with this pick. I think Bryant is going to be a real playmaker as a pro, the only receiver in the Draft I feel confident will definitely project to a number one receiver. For years the Seahawks had a group of decent receivers but no elite target. That changes here. You could argue the team could have taken C.J. Spiller, another playmaker at a position of greater need, but you can't complain ending up with the Draft's best receiver prospect.

The way I see it, Bryant will help Charlie Whitehurst this year. The Seahawks can start Whitehurst and let Clausen sit. If Whitehurst plays well enough, they can flip him for a good pick a year from now.

David's reaction:

I was wondering when Dez was going to be taken. He had some issues last season, and there are questions whether he will be the same. He is a play maker pure and simple, and I think he will be making plays from day one as long as they have the right QB throwing to him. Dez can go up and make all the plays in the book, and having a QB who can put it on his hands is vital. In this scenario the Seahawks already have Clausen, and that to me is a dynamic duo.
There you have it. Have the Seahawks improved in the first round?

The Draft:

1. St. Louis (David Wyatt)-Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

2. Detroit (TheSanchize6)-Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

3. Tampa Bay (nrmax88)-Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State

4. Washington (eighthoursaway)-Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

5. Kansas City (michael28102)-Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

6. Seattle (arrowshockey16)-Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

7. Cleveland (chrebetsthebet)-Joe Haden, CB, Florida

8. Oakland (mousie)-Bruce Campbell, T, Maryland

9. Buffalo (MachlinT)-Bryan Bulaga, T, Iowa

10. Jacksonville (Leamg)-Jason Paul-Pierre, DE, South Florida

11. Denver (THetes)-Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama

12. Miami (ThomasU)-Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas

13. San Francisco (Newcomb29(Edge))-Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma

14. Seattle (arrowshockey16)-Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State