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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #13

Up next are the 49ers represented by Newcomb29(Edge).

With the thirteenth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, Newcomb29(Edge) picks for the San Francisco 49ers...

Trent Williams

The 49ers most glaring need is a RT and while Anthony Davis is still on the board going with Trent Williams would be a better fit for the 49ers. He his versatile and can excellently play the run and the pass. He fills the void at RT and is more consistent then Anthony Davis (Believe me as a Rutgers and Cuse fan I saw Davis take plays off) Plus his original spot was RT and there he was a STUD. Great athlete and I think the best fit for the San Francisco 49ers.

My reaction:

We once again see an offensive lineman playing a position other than left tackle come off the board. I once again agree. Joe Staley looks like a keeper on the left side. Now the Niners have a quality guy to take the right side and give Alex Smith a better shot at success. I personally like Davis on the right side better because of how big and physical he is, but Newcomb laid out good reasoning for going with Williams here instead.

David's reaction:

You really can't argue with this selection. Not only is it an area of need but Williams brings some welcome flexibility to the line. He has played both on the right and on the left, and he looked decent enough at both. He was excellent at RT and started showing some real improvement at LT near the end of the year. He has potential to be a rounded player in the NFL. He has skills both run and pass blocking, and he plays with excellent leverage.

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