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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #11

We've worked through the issues that caused the delay yesterday and are ready to get going again. THetes will pick for the Denver Broncos, a team that stunned the football world last season with a 6-0 start before collapsing down the stretch.

With the eleventh pick of the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, THetes picks for the Denver Broncos...

Rolando McClain

The perfect combination of length and strength to fill the MLB role of recently cut Andra Davis. McClain has shown the intelligence to be a defensive leader on the field. He was responsible for all defensive audibles and play calls in what is considered one of the most complex defenses in all of NCAA football. He plays in control and seemingly always takes the proper angle to the ball. In McDaniel’s system one of the biggest pluses for McClain is that he was known as a guy that never took plays off. I love the leadership. I can see McClain becoming the Defensive Captain for the Broncos and manning the ILB spot for the foreseeable future.

My reaction:

Denver already had a pretty good defense a year ago. I love what they did during the offseason improving the defensive line by adding Jarvis Green and Jamal Williams. Now they have the chance to add your protypical 3-4 inside linebacker. McClain is perfect for Denver's system. He's big and physical and very cerebral as THetes mentions. The Broncos are building a heck of a front seven.

David's reaction:

I wouldn't worry about taking an inside linebacker when you're not that set up front. Williams was a nice signing but he is getting old now; and has been known to break down, so I would consider Dan Williams here You're right on McClain, though; he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a nose for the ball. He was making plays behind Mount Cody, so will be interesting to see how he does with no mountain for the offence to scale first. His coverage speed worries me a little bit. Heran in the 4.7's, and that would make me hesitate a little bit. He has too much up side at an area of need to disagree with the selection, though.

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