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Jets Could Return To Cortland

According to WEBO 1330, Binghampton NY's local affiliate of the CBS radio network, the New York Jets could return to Cortland this year for the second year in a row:

The school's president says they are close to having the Jets come back for training camp. Cortland President, Erik Bitterbaum says SUNY attorneys are hammering out the final details with lawyers from the Jets.

Bitterbaum expects the negotiations to wrap up in the next few weeks and says he is optimistic that the Jets will return.

If I remember rightly, a lot of people were upset last year because the team chose to hold training camp in SUNY Cortland and not in the newly built $75 million training complex at Florham. Well if the above report is to be believed, those same people will not be too pleased this year either.

With the team appearing on 'Hard Knocks' it seems the perfect time to sell the new state of the art training facilities, however it seems the more secluded, dorm orientated training camp, may be on the cards again.