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Leon Washington’s Future as a Jet Appears Bleak

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Amidst all of the Jets talk that has taken place throughout the off-season, one issue continues to be the center of discussion -- "What is the status of Leon Washington?"

While no one really knows, I personally am having a hard time believing that LW will be a Jet in 2010-11.

It seems as if his agent, Alvin Keels, is beginning to rub off on him. Earlier in the week, I made a post discussing Keels' potential impact on Leon's decision. Things have regressed since then.

Today, the Jets held a press conference, and Leon was the hot topic. NewsDay's Rod Boone discussed Leon's failure to show up to workouts in an earlier Tweet: "Ryan said Leon stopped rehabbing at the facility once the Jets tendered him. He hasnt been back since".

So he's missed the voluntary workouts, and has been attending his own rehab facility in Pensacola, Fla. (via AP Writer Dennis Waszak's Twitter) after the Jets put him on the market with a tender. Not a good sign --- it certainly feels as if he is alienating himself from Florham Park and his teammates also.

Follow me after the jump, as I speculate about Leon's future as a Jet.

Rex also had some thoughts on what Leon's role would be next season (this according to Manish Mehta's article in the Star-Ledger which can be viewed HERE)

"He's a third-down back and a Pro Bowl returner. That's a pretty big thing," Ryan said. "Do we expect him to come back from the surgery he had... and you're going to put him in there instead of Shonn Green or LaDainian Tomlinson? Maybe you would. I'm not comfortable with that."

"Let's see where he's at," Ryan added. "I'm not just going to give him the ball 20 times a game coming off of that. He has to be ready to take that kind of role. If he's ready to take an expanded role, then obviously we could see that. Again, third down is the most important down that you have on offense. That would be an ideal situation (for him)."

This is certainly fair. In the backfield, we have Shonn Greene who has a very promising future as a potential workhorse, and veteran LaDainian Tomlinson who is focused and wants nothing more than to win a ring.  Leon is coming off MAJOR surgery, and Rex wants to work him back in the offense. I see nothing wrong with this, it is the most logical decision.

In dissecting Leon's refusal to show up to workouts, you have to factor in "the Keels effect". I touched on this in my other piece published earlier in the week. Leon has not always been Keels' client, and it's clear his "I'ma-get-mine" mentality is having an influence on Leon.  It's hard being an athlete and having your agent tell you day-after-day that you're too good to be an RB3, and that you could have a more involved role/receive more money elsewhere. Factor in that Leon has a wife and kid, and we can maybe see why Leon may be unhappy here.

It just seems like all parties involved are in disagreement with one another, and it may be best for all to just move on.

Due to the events that have transpired this week, I personally believe Leon will not be back for the 2010-11 season. It just doesn't seem like he wants to be here to take on a limited role in the offense. Actions speak louder than words, and he hasn't even showed up to the facility once since his tender. It should be noted that before his tender, he WAS working out at the Jets facility.

Leon was great because of his versatility, but Brad Smith does many of the same things that Leon does. He can return kicks and run the option out of the "Tiger-Cat" formation. We can always draft an RB in order to have another speedy, "home-run hitter" in the back-field and regain our depth there.

With Wayne Hunter's recent signing, Leon remains one of three Jets RFA's that are currently unsigned. Keels has said Leon's rehab is going "great" and that he will be ready to resume workouts shortly. Still, the question remains --- will teams take a chance on him and relinquish a second round draft pick?