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It's Official: The Jets Will Star on "Hard Knocks"

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Randy Lange reports on the official Jets website that owner Woody Johnson, HC Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum are going to announce what everybody has expected.  The Jets will be featured on HBO's reality show "Hard Knocks."

"It's a great thing," Ryan told before the news conference began. "We're going to be ourselves. We won't hide anything. All we want to do is portray who we are and let the whole country see why I brag about our players and assistant coaches."

"Hard Knocks has successfully traveled the country over the last several years," [NFL Films' Steve] Sabol said. "There have been shows in Dallas, Baltimore, Kansas City and Cincinnati. Now we’ve got our act together — we’re finally ready to open on Broadway!"

The cinema verité series will focus on the daily lives and routines of players and coaches as the dynamic Jets prepare for the upcoming season. The first show of one of the fastest-turnaround reality series will air Wednesday, Aug. 11, from 10-11 p.m. ET/PT, with a replay Thursday night. Four more shows will air each Wednesday from there, culminating in the Sept. 8 season finale.

"We're committed to being an organization that is open and accessible," said Jets chairman and CEO Woody Johnson. "Hard Knocks serves as a tremendous vehicle for fans everywhere to receive unprecedented access and a fascinating behind-the-scenes look as we prepare for the season. HBO and NFL Films have an award-winning track record and we're excited about working with them."

Interestingly, the Jets have been trying to sell PSLs for months through ads with the slogan, "Oppportunity has never knocked this hard."  You can now become a fan on facebook.

Steve Sabol said during the conference that NFL Films won't be giving away game plans, strategies, coverages, etc.

Woody Johnson was asked whether this had to do with PSLs, and he said that the decision was made in order to give fans more access to the team.  He also said NFL Films approached the team about the show last year, but they decided it wasn't prudent to do that with a new head coach.

As David Wyatt noted yesterday, this was one of the team's worst kept secrets.  But maybe they wanted it that way in order to add to the hype of the "major media announcement."  Are you excited about this, Jets fans?