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Jets Flight Connections 03-25-10

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The Jets are expected to announce that the team will be the subject of HBO's "Hard Knocks."

The Jets hope to sell more PSLs and expand the brand through the show.

The Post notes that "Hard Knocks" teams have suffered a devastating injury during the subsequent season.  We actually had two last last year, and we survived them.

Rich Cimini notes that "Hard Knocks" teams haven't had a losing first month.

HC Rex Ryan has experience with the show, as the Ravens were the first team to be on it when he was Baltimore's DL coach.

LB Bart Scott doesn't seem to like the idea of having cameras around training camp.

People seem to forget that the Jets have had their own reality show called "Jets 24/7" (now called "Jets Flight Plan"), and it was launched after the hiring of former HC Herman Edwards, who later moved on to Kansas City, where his Chiefs team was also featured on "Hard Knocks."  Herm talks about the Jets and the show


More connections after the jump.


Read about Houston's interest with "Hard Knocks" and why we might host the Texans on Thanksgiving.

RB Coach Anthony Lynn talks about the draft depth at the halfback position.

The Jets Kvetch writes about the overtime rules change.  They also announced that Max Strauss will be joining their site.

Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn't seem to care what coaches think of the overtime rules change.

Gary Myers and The Daily News conducted an unofficial owners poll regarding the New York Super Bowl.

DE Ricky Sapp will meet with the Jets in April.

Crackback explains why Gang Green needs to draft NT Terrence Cody.

This mock draft has the Jets picking WR Golden Tate.

Here is a list of all the draft picks in the AFC East.

Does anybody know why Miami seems indifferent towards LB Jason Taylor?

Buffalo doesn't need to worry about their secondary.

I want Seattle to trade for WR Brandon Marshall just so we can stop talking about him.

Lastly, some "Hard Knocks" for those who haven't seen it:




By the way, I've looked for some Ravens videos, but so far no luck.