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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #9

MachlinT steps up to the plate to make the first pick for a division rival, the last place Buffalo Bills. He'll give them some advice on how to help Chan Gailey turn things around.

With the ninth pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, MachlinT picks for the Buffalo Bills...

Bryan Bulaga
The Bills need serious help on offense but need to have their priorities straight in this draft - they need to fix their Offensive Line. Last season there were over 20 different combinations of players on the Bills O-Line. They have enough options for finding a new quarterback during the offseason that they don't need to draft one at number nine, especially if Bradford and Clausen are gone.
Bulaga would certainly be the best Tackle available by number nine, and probably the best overall prospect available by this point. He is an extremely tough Tackle with all of the right skills that would make him an excellent anchor for almost any O-Line.
On a small side note, as a player from Iowa, he might be able to play well in the cold Buffalo weather.
Bulaga is exactly what the Bills needs to help give their offense some credibility.
My reaction:
Offensive line was certainly one of the weakest points on Buffalo's roster a year ago. They traded Jason Peters and never made a bold move to replace him at left tackle. Bulaga is an excellent pick. He's athletic enough to pass protect at left tackle, stout enough to have success in the run game, and refined enough to start right away. Nice pick.
David's reaction:
Not really got a great deal to add here. Very good selection. If a QB doesn't fall to them, then the offensive line is where they have to go. I thought they would address this last year, but they went with Maybin (not looking like such a good one now). Bulaga should already be gone, but as he is sitting here it makes perfect sense to draft him for the Bills. He should go a long way in closing that revolving door the Bills had at tackle in 2009. Like I said on the Raiders selection, there isn't too much not to like about Bulaga, so nice choice.