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Jets To Host Texans on Thanksgiving (??)

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We did briefly discuss this in the Hard Knocks thread, but I think it deserves it's own story:

Not official yet, but it looks like #Jets will host #Texans on Thanksgiving Night.Houston owner Bob McNair confirmed both tms want it.

According to Manish Mehta's Twitter, the Jets will likely host the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving. Houston were also in the running for the 'Hard Knocks' program, so it seems as if the NFL are throwing them a bone here, and why not? Houston are an interesting team on the rise, usually good entertainment and it should be a great game against the Jets.

Although this is not confirmed by league sources, Manish followed up his innitial comment with:

 Texans owner Bob McNair on possible Thanksgiving gm: "All I know is #Jets requested to play us on Thanksgiving. We’ve requested it too"

We can't present this as fact until there is confirmation (hence the [??] in the title) but Manish is usually spot on, and everything leads us to believe this will be the match-up. Interesting to note that we requested to play Houston.