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What Would You Trade for Brandon Marshall?

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There are a few rumors out there about the Jets taking a look at Brandon Marshall. There's nothing substantive, but it's worth discussing. The Jets would have to give Marshall a new contract and give Denver some sort of compensation. If the Jets simply sign him, it would be the 29th pick in the Draft. The two teams could also work out a trade. Here's a look at a few of the potential scenarios.

Pick 29: I don't think this would be worth it. Picks at the end of the first round are golden. Especially in a deep Draft like this, the Jets will have a chance to add an extremely high caliber player at a bargain price. In some ways, picking at the end of the first round is better than picking at the start of it because of the contracts. That's why it's easier said than done for teams to trade down. The Jets would get a major character risk at a big contract instead of a quality player at a low price.

Braylon Edwards: I haven't heard many rumors about this, but it would seem like a logical one for one swap. Denver would give up a young number one receiver and get one in return. Braylon may have been a problem child in Cleveland, but he showed a lot more maturity after his trade to the Jets. The drops are obviously a problem, but he has incredible natural ability and can break open any game. I wouldn't do this. I think Marshall is more talented, but it's close. Edwards has less baggage.

Jerricho Cotchery: Marshall may be a better receiver, but give me the low maintence locker room leader the Jets have in Cotchery. His contract is much better. He's way less of a risk. He's also pretty productive in his own right.

David Harris: This was the rumor a year ago. After the year Harris just had, Mike Tannenbaum would probably burst out laughing and hang up.

Leon Washington: Now we're getting into the area where I might consider it. Leon is a gamebreaker, yes, but the team can find another explosive back somewhere. Not that I want to give him up, but a game breaker at receiver like Marshall might be enough to make me roll the dice. I'm not sure Denver would take a risk on Leon's leg, though.

Pick 61: Same concept as the first round pick. This is a deep Draft. No need to give up a cheap quality player for an expensive risk.

The 2011 First Round Pick: The 2011 Draft isn't as deep, but the Jets will ideally be picking at the end of the round.

A combination of picks 2011 and beyond not involving the first round: This I could buy. It wouldn't be that much.


In conclusion, I'm leery of Brandon Marshall. I am intrigued by the talent, though. If Denver is willing to give him away at a discounted price, I wouldn't mind kicking his tires and potentially taking a risk. I don't see the Broncos getting that desperate, though. Anything short of a fire sale, and I'm opposed.