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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #6

Jets and Pats fans don't agree on many things. One thing we do agree on, though, is Pete Carroll is a lousy NFL head coach. He failed as the head man on both teams. Now he's trying his hand in Seattle, where our own arrowshockey16 gives him some advice.

With the sixth pick of the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, arrowshockey16 picks for the Seattle Seahawks...

Jimmy Clausen

With the Rams passing on a QB, there is no big surprise here. After trading away backup Seneca Wallace, the Seahawks must use this pick to address their need for a franchise QB. The Seahawks will be able to do so by taking one of the two NFL-ready quarterbacks, with that being Jimmy Clausen. Although Clausen doesn’t have any standout physical traits, his size and arm strength are quite sufficient. He played in a pro-style offense and possesses all the skills and smarts to be a franchise QB. Carroll is rebuilding this team, and there is no better way to do so than with a new, young QB. I see Hasselbeck starting the season at the top of the depth chart, but passing the job off to Clausen halfway through.

My reaction:

I like the player, but I don't understand the pick. I'm a big Clausen fan. He's had big success in a pro system. If Notre Dame had a halfway decent defense last year, Clausen probably would have brought them to a BCS game. He's shown an ability to read defenses go through progressions, and make good decisions. I watched almost all of his games last year and remember very few times when he forced a ball when a man was covered instead of checking down. Even with the stench of Brady Quinn on him, I think having Charlie Weis as a mentor is another plus. I think he'd be a great choice for a lot of teams.

I don't get why Seattle would make this pick, though. You're going to give up a third round pick, move down 20 picks in this year's second round, and give up $5 million per year to land Charlie Whitehurst, and then not even give him a chance to be your guy? I wasn't the biggest fan of that move either, but it's been made. Why not see whether the 28 year old getting his first real chance can be the answer instead of giving all of that up and then giving Clausen top ten quarterback money? Why not take a lineman to replace Walter Jones or a receiver like Dez Bryant, either of whom would give Whitehurst a better chance to succeed?

David's reaction:

The best quarterback in the draft for me. He has all the skills, he has a decent arm, his leadership is a lot better than most mockers give him credit for. He has shown that he can make all the throws, throw while on the run, play with an injury, as well as make good decisions under pressure. He has improved every year, and there is no reason why he shouldn't continue to improve. Seattle istrying to catch lightning in a bottle, sighing San Diego's 3rd stringer, but that doesn't happen very often. It's about time they put a plan in place for the most important position on the field. Jimmy will do well in Seattle where he will not be asked to juggle the media every few minutes. He just likes to go out and play football. He doesn't throw too many interceptions which will be a nice relief for the Seahawks. Solid selection here, great value. I'm confident that he will be the best QB to come from this draft when we look back on it.

This pick sure would be controversial. We have a split reaction here.

Next up will be chrebetsthebet for the Browns and mousie for the Raiders.

The Draft:

1. St. Louis (David Wyatt)-Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

2. Detroit (TheSanchize6)-Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma

3. Tampa Bay (nrmax88)-Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State

4. Washington (eighthoursaway)-Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

5. Kansas City (michael28102)-Eric Berry, S, Tennessee

6. Seattle-(arrowshockey16)-Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame