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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #5

After a day off, michael28102 continues our community mock picking for the Chiefs.

With the fifth pick of the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, michael28102 picks for the Kansas City Chiefs...

Eric Berry

The Chiefs have many needs, and safety is one of them. With an injury prone Mike Brown and an very average if not below average Jon McGraw, Eric Berry would upgrade their safety positon and start right away. Arguably the best player in the draft Berry has the tools to be a star in the NFL. Other options would be to trade down and get Rolando Mclain, but since we cannot trade down I went with Eric Berry.

My Reaction:

I wasn't sure Berry would be that big of an impact player for Tampa Bay's system. I think in Romeo Crennel's defense, he would be a Godsend. He plays the pass and the run well. He can drop down to play the nickel. He'll give Crennel a lot of flexibility. If Berry's on the board when they pick, I think it would be difficult to justify the Chiefs going in any other direction.

David's Reaction:

Not really got much to add to the selection other than it's a great pick for the Chiefs. Anytime you can add a playmaker in the fashion of Berry then you have to go that way. It's just another part to a team moving in the right direction. Berry can be a momentum changer, and with Weis calling the offensive plays this year, you want to give the ball to him in dangerous situations, Berry can do that with his ball hawking as well as intimidating hits. I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest to see Berry, in 15 years, as the most succesful player to come out of this draft, that's how much value I think he has. It solidifies a position of need for the future, good solid pick, no arguments from me.