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Keels Being Keels/A Leon Update

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I see a lot of guys around Jets Nation looking for a Leon update.

Leon's agent, Alvin Keels, has been hard at work making it public that Leon's rehab has been coming along "great."

Here are his two latest Tweets, which came through ~two hours ago:

Leon Washington will not sign his tender at this time. He will continue to rehab while weighing his options as a restricted free agent.

Rehab is going great for LW. He is expected to be cleared to do running drills in the next 10-14 days and will be 100% healthy b4 camp!

And..... one more from the big guy. Just to show you all his mantra, and what Keels is all about:

LETS DREAM BIG PEOPLE AND GO AFTER IT!!!! Dont Stop Until You Achieve Greatness! Lets GO!!!!


I understand that agents are all about the $$, as we all saw in the movie "Jerry McGuire"--  but to me, Keels is over-the-top. It seems as if he is against all of the things we love about football (the sport, the camaraderie in the locker room, loyalty, integrity.... )

Instead of being a team player, Keels seems to focus on individual efforts. This is normal for any agent, but Keels more-so than others (as it seems).

As far as how Leon's rehab is actually going -- who knows. I want to believe him, but this guy talks his clients up more than Johnny Cochran. While he is a reliable source, he's a very biased party.

Someone mentioned this in another thread, and I totally agree. Let's hope that Keel's "I'ma-get-mine" mentality won't spread to Leon. We don't need any drama in Florham Park. Leon is more of a quiet leader, and much of that is due to his humble nature and how strong his work ethic is. Love him for that, and hope nothing changes.

Let's hope Leon is 100% come training camp, and also that he will still be a Jet in 2010. The new-look,  three-headed-monster must return to the Jets backfield! Although the lord knows Keels will do anything in his power to move him and look for more money & fame....