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Rex On His Weight And Overtime

Interesting posts from Bart Hubboch of the New York Post on Rex's post surgery goals:

I just interviewed Rex Ryan here in Orlando. He says he has dropped 20 pounds since his surgery, down to 317. His goal is 250. Rex Ryan expects to lose 5-10 pounds a month. He said the assumed name he checked in under at NYU for the surgery was "Roy Rogers."

I know it's not directly related to football, but I commend the man for making an effort to drop a few lb's. He has started well, and for his health reasons going into the new season and what I hope to be a long reign with him at the helm with the Jets, I think it's quite important. He jumps up and down with the players on the sideline, and sitting at 337lb's he needed to do something about him. So Congratulations to Rex.

He also added his take on the proposal regarding possibly changing the NFL overtime rules:

Rex Ryan says he is opposed to changing the overtime rules. "I like it the way it is."