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UFL Wants NFL as Investor

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The upstart United Football League is apparently trying to bring the NFL in as an investor.

The United Football League has been actively trying to convince the NFL to invest in the junior league in hopes of gaining a valuable senior partner, as well as other investors, according to sources.

However, the latest proposal -- which would give the NFL a 30 percent stake in the year-old UFL -- is not on the agenda for discussion during the NFL owners' meetings, which run Sunday through Wednesday in Orlando, Fla.

Such a potential move was interpreted by one source as the NFL acquiring another pawn in the chess match between the owners and the NFL Players Association when the current labor agreement expires after the 2010 season.

An owners source refuted that notion, saying any financial investment in the UFL would be counter-productive to the NFL's collective-bargaining position that the league has significant economic challenges.

The UFL has proposed that in addition to the 30 percent investment, of which the specific dollar amount was not revealed by sources, the NFL will have at least one seat on the UFL's board and a role in the football operations. Sources disagree on whether a deal is likely.

I don't want this to happen. I want the UFL to grow as an independent competitor. It's in our best interest as fans for there to be a strong UFL as a healthy alternative.

The NFL is too powerful. They don't have to listen to their fans. They can do whatever they want like sticking regular season games in London and Toronto and pricing the average fan out of league stadiums. Rival leagues don't have that luxury. They need to be fan friendly to develop a loyal customer base. They're also more likely to take chances on unconventional thinking. Do you like the two point conversion? How about the zone blitz or the run 'n shoot or the three point line and slam dunk contest in basketball? These all came into being because of upstart leagues.

This league may be hemmoraging money to the point where it doesn't have a choice, but this move would continue the NFL's monopoly, making the UFL a feeder system, which is to our detriment.