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Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft Pick #2

Next up is the Detroit Lions, the most improved 2-14 team ever, represented by TheSanchize6.

With the second pick in the Gang Green Nation Community Mock Draft, TheSanchize6 selects for the Detroit Lions...

Gerald McCoy
Defense is a must for the Lions. Giving up 30.9 ppg, 392 total yards per game, they need to draft on defense. They allowed 126 yards per game on the ground and were last in passing yards allowed. He is a dominant player and can take over games. He automatically draws a double team, stops the run and sacks the QB.

My reaction:

Excellent, excellent pick by Sanchize. As he notes, the Lions need all the help they can get on defense. They have some space eaters at tackle, but they don't have anybody capable of getting penetration and making plays in the backfield. McCoy can. In almost any other year, he'd be the top tackle available. I've heard some pundits say he's the second best prospect of the decade behind only Suh, the number one selection by St. Louis. Detroit has tried to revamp its defensive line by bringing in Corey Williams and Kyle Vanden Bosch. I think this would be the biggest impact move. The Lions are in a great spot here because they are going to land one of two elite defensive tackle prospects to fill one of their biggest needs.

David's reaction:

McCoy is similar to Suh, excellent pass rusher, a fantastic tackler, and in my opinion is just as good. Detroit can't fail with this pick. They also need help up the middle. Detroit ranked dead last in passing defense, allowing over 265 yards per game. They need a pass rusher. McCoy is explosive off the snap and has a variety of pass rushing moves to keep offensive lineman on their toes. Like the Rams, the Lions get a stud here who can help sure up that defense, and take the pressure off of Stafford to put 30 points on the board every game for a chance to win.

Next up will be nrmax88 picking for Tampa Bay and eighthoursaway picking for Washington.

The Draft:

1. St. Louis (David Wyatt)-Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

2. Detroit (TheSanchize6)-Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma